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SKF releases electronic parking brake device for agricultural vehicles


At SIMA 2009, the most important international agricultural exhibition, SKF exhibited a new technological invention: electronic parking brakes for tractors and agricultural vehicles.

New Holland Agricultural Machinery's new automatic control tractor T7000 is coming soon. The tractor is equipped with SKF electronic parking brake. The system adopted by New Holland is a hybrid solution based on mechanical emergency braking technology and SKF intelligent electromechanical actuators for driving parking brakes.

SKF electronic parking brake is not just a parking system. It is designed to ensure the safety and reliability of operators, and can help drivers cope with various driving conditions. It has many smart functions, for example, an automatic application function that can continue to work after the key is removed and the driver leaves the seat, and a mountain application and driving function, so that the driver can avoid manual braking with 40kg of force, which can be more comfortable Especially when driving on rough roads.

Gianluca Oberto, the manager of SKF Industrie SpA ’s wire-controlled business department, said, "The added value that SKF brings is in these intelligent functions, which are also typical of the most advanced electromechanical systems.

In addition, SKF electronic parking brake device has an environmental protection function, which can save energy and reduce emissions. This has inherited SKF's long-standing environmental protection tradition.

SKF electronic parking brakes were developed by SKF Italy and the first production line has been in operation since September 2008.

SKF has been a pioneer in the field of electromechanics since the 1970s, and some projects have involved aviation, such as the first linear flight system delivered for the Airbus throttle control system in the 1980s. Recently, SKF has also undertaken many important projects in the automation industry, including Filo and Novanta concept cars.