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SKF became the best corporate social responsibility of the year


SKF was selected as the best-performing Swedish company in the annual online selection of corporate social responsibility (CSR) information hosted by Hallvarsson & Halvarsson. As the first

Among the Swedish companies that received full marks in the survey, SKF won the first prize in the European region alongside 13 other world-renowned companies, including Siemens, Unilever and Wartsila.

"This is an affirmation of our efforts in communication, and this is also the cornerstone of the realization of one of our values 'openness'. We maintain good communication with various stakeholders
, And actively hope to meet their needs for reliable and clear information. "Bengt Olof Hansson, Vice President of SKF Corporate Sustainability, pointed out.

"SKF--as the winner of this year's Swedish selection--when disclosing information to the financial markets, all show their consciousness and guarantee the quantity and quality of the information provided." Hallvarsson &

Miriam Thunborg, head of the selection at Halvarssonde, said.

The H & H Network Selection ranks 700 corporate websites every year. The survey shows that of the 700 largest companies in Europe, 78% have already carried out CSR work.