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NSK has successfully developed an "electric power steering" that meets performance safety standards


Japan Seiko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Executive Director of the Executive Representative, Otsuka Keno, hereinafter referred to as NSK) has developed an electric power steering (hereinafter referred to as EPS) for the automotive field that meets international standards for performance and safety The electronic control system has realized the high safety requirements that have been continuously improved in recent years, and this product can also respond to a high degree of driving assistance functions.

NSK strives to expand the sales of EPS for small cars to the world market. The goal is to bring the total sales of the EPS business to 250 billion yen by March 2016.

Product features
1. Fully compatible with the international standard specification of automobile performance safety [ISO26262] * 1
Constructed a development business process corresponding to international specifications, implemented performance safety monitoring and performance safety assessment. By further strengthening the diagnostic functions of microcomputers and torque sensors, etc., the safety goals of automobile manufacturers have been achieved.

* 1: This design has a function to ensure safety: when the electronic system fails, the cause can be locked and the risk is reduced to an acceptable level. (The international specifications that are being promoted mainly around Europe)

2. Small and light ECU
The use of unpackaged semiconductors and semiconductor relays without mechanical connections has made it possible to miniaturize radiators and reduce the number of parts, achieving a 10% reduction in volume compared to the original product (compared to the products in the early 2000s. Reduced by 45%, weight reduced by 40%) miniaturization and weight reduction.

3. High added value
In recent years, EPS has flexibly used electronic control to continuously enhance safety and comfort.

In order to respond to the highly diversified control of the vehicle, the sensor of this product has an angle sensor that detects the operation angle in addition to the function of detecting the operation torque.

Use of the product
This product of NSK fully meets the requirements of international standards for performance safety and is being promoted to all aspects of small cars.

Product effect
• Improved safety

• Reduces the burden on the driver to operate the steering wheel

• Reduced fuel consumption